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mod_psldap 0.88 Released

Fixed load of editable forms for dn’s containing an ‘&’ Addressed minor defect in authorization when psldap authentication is not used. Addition of scope to URI based search to improve edit form link performance Addition of links to yahoo, aim, and skype when using the PSInd LDAP objects defined in psldap.schema

mod_psldap 0.87 Released

Addition of management based tree for person records

mod_psldap 0.86 Released

Fixed cache access error in Apache 2.0 related code to resolve core dump

mod_psldap 0.85 Released

Addition of tree based browsing interface with edit frame.

mod_psldap 0.83 Released

Changed the main page to be more interactive and have fewer popups Changed the tabular query response template to show names on org units and orgs as well as their addresses. Fixed compilation error on Apache 2.X Addition of switch to connect to LDAP server using V3 protocol through the introduction of the PsLDAPConnectVersion parameter. […]

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