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Technology Infrastructure

Our technology infrastructure solutions were created to improve security and efficient usage of IT assets in a business environment. These solutions are created without warranty or any guarantees regarding stability or quality, but have proven useful in production environments in achieving targeted benefits.

IPTables Country Block

We undertook this effort to resolve several challenges we faced around excessive alerting of intrusion attempts against our infrastructure. Initially, we thought to simply filter out the messages from our alert system, but when delving into the issue a bit more deeply, we realized we had a number of requirements our existing infrastructure did not satisfy:

  • We want to deny access from undesirable geographies.
  • We need a lightweight solution that consumes fewer system resources and minimizes incremental addition of latency in our network responses
  • Reduce load / use of services that were under seige from hackers attempting to compromise those services
  • We required that responses be allowed for requests to vendors with support operations in high risk geographies.

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