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We provide solutions to improve operational efficiencies in the areas of delivery cost optimization and revenue growth acceleration. We incorporate operations consulting services to refine or define existing or new business requirements aligned against the target business metrics to assure measurable improvement.

PSInd works with various ISVs that provide best-of-breed software packages, leveraging and continually developing expertise in their packages / platforms to provide solutions that apply the appropriate product capabilities against both defined and implied requirements. Most of our technical work is in systems integration of these best of breed solutions requiring close collaboration with the ISV support and product management groups, where together we can ensure our clients needs are clearly communicated and championed with the ISVs.

We also build custom software solutions for our clients where the business need indicates such a solution serves the businesses best interests. We publish certain internal applications as open source packages that are publicly available for general use. These packages are most appropriate for businesses in the small to mid-sized marketplace to address certain narrowly defined operational needs and are not representative of our typical custom software build engagement.

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We are proficient in BPM delivery with hands on platform expertise in Pegasystems PRPC platform!