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mod_psldap 0.93 Released

The latest release of mod_psldap provides new core capabilities to support new actions to register users, add ldap attributes and client side drag and drop editing of the LDAP records to reassign records to superiors, people to managers, and members to groups. A client side form validation framework was also introduced that simplifies validation through […]

mod_psldap 0.92 Released

This is a patch fix against 0.91 to address defects identified in extended testing. This is a bug fix release to address variations on the initially tested configurations and restores isolation of site specific configurations to simplify an upgrade. Moved common capabilities back out of DSML_sitefrags.xsl to leave that stylesheet for site specific customizations only […]

mod_psldap 0.91 Released

This release includes major performance improvement in transformation and finally allows for XSLT to be performed in the server. These changes were extended to allow the ability to add, edit, and delete records from handheld user agents in addition to providing single record download capabilities as specified file types (vCard now supported for download with […]

mod_psldap 0.90 Released

This release focuses on improving the overall end user and administrative experience by providing better visibility when issues arise during edits and segregating LDAP configuration more distinctly from the presentation layer. In addition, we have introduced the capability to move contacts under new / different organizations. More visible and legible status responses Ability to dial […]

mod_psldap 0.89 Updated

Version 0.89 (unreleased) We introduced new capabilities to dynamically render a node in the tree views leveraging the previously loaded XML. Fixed lack of recognition of URI search scope in ldap scope execution Implemented AJAX framework for Mozilla and IE Browsers and integrated with tree based transforms on alt_index.html page. Creation and integration of a […]

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