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How Open Source Can Empower the Enterprise

Ten years ago, open source software had marginal penetration in the enterprise marketplace. Solutions could generally not compete on features or stability with the exception of a few software titles servicing the development space. Today, many enterprises are leveraging open source platforms like Linux and JBoss to run mission critical applications much as proprietary software […]

Frustrate Hackers – Not Your Customers

E-Mail should be obsolete by now according to many social media proponents, yet we still rely on e-mail as a means of communicating complex concepts and expanding our network of contacts. It remains an indispensable tool at work and home, allowing us to filter and prioritize communications and manage actions against them accordingly. This makes […]

Random Internet Outage Explained

In August 2014, we hit a critical milestone metric impacting how traffic is moved about the Internet. This went mostly unnoticed, however some organizations experienced outages for a brief time in relation to this event. Detailed information is available in this article on hitting an internet routing milestone. The issue generally impacted older network routing […]

PRPC – Adhering to NewWork Naming

Breaking best practices established by an ISV for the integration of their product into an enterprise architecture can increase integration costs significantly. A simple break in naming conventions can introduce days of additional effort for the initial integration and may increase risks of breaking core functionality on subsequent product upgrades. I’ve just spent an hour […]

PegaWorld 2013 Live Blog

8 June – Day 0 I’ve arrived in not so sunny Orlando for my 8th PegaWorld – this one is back at Rosen Shingle Creek hotel – and am beginning my first live blog of PegaWorld. The event is a “must attend” for anyone who works in the BPM space leveraging Pegasystems BPM Suite. The […]

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