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mod_psldap 0.92 Released

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This is a patch fix against 0.91 to address defects identified in extended testing. This is a bug fix release to address variations on the initially tested configurations and restores isolation of site specific configurations to simplify an upgrade.

  • Moved common capabilities back out of DSML_sitefrags.xsl to leave that stylesheet for site specific customizations only – common capabilities are now in DSML_commonscript.xsl
  • Refactored the pageHeader template with pageHeaderWithRefClass to reduce duplicate code
  • Removed some hardcoded values from the DSML_vendors.xsl (enabled automatic population of the ldapDomains to all select elements with an id of ‘dn’) and made the template for servicesMgmt site specific
  • Corrected minor title setting bug on commonscript XSL
  • Extended vcard to include KEY, REV, PRODID, and CLASS, also fixing IM references to be compliant with RFC 4770
  • Fixed generated dsml structure to better match spec – pushed searchResponse back under a batchResponse node and change mgmt and org XSL back to reference the correct XPath
  • Fixed improper ServerPath inclusion in fully qualified path assembly – repairs issue with XML and XSL file parse for server side operations when recursive path link is not present

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