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We do not profess to be a product company, but we do contribute to the open source community through the creation of packages and frameworks that address niche gaps in various solutions. These frameworks are supported by our staff through an hourly billing structure for those clients who would like to implement solutions leveraging these frameworks.

We reserve the right to promote any code applied to our frameworks under contract into the core framework in such cases where no proprietary IP could be compromised by publishing those changes publicly. Our objectives in so doing are to eliminate certain risks and reduce the level of effort related to support of a fragmented solution base, thus ensuring better service and greater stability for our clients.


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mod_psldap© is a C module for Apache based on the Apache & OpenLDAP development libraries that was created to provide a secure, reliable means of performing authentication of Apache users against and interact with an LDAP service and manage authentication and authorization within an Apache web server. This product allows for a high degree of customization through extensive leverage of XSL to manage the presentation tier of the solution. In addition to the benefits of flexibility and accessibility, this module further reduces network overhead associated with LDAP administration via web technologies by 95%+ due to the leverage of Web 2.0 techniques. mod_psldap© is maintained on SourceForge by PSInd, LLC.


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PRPCbuntu© is a shell script capable of creating a debian package installer for PRPC as well as a full virtual machine based on Ubuntu, Oracle, and Sun Java JVM with minimal user intervention. It can reduce the installation / preparation time to create a PRPC environment by up to 90% and eliminates the need to read through Pegasystems install guide to execute the installation manually.


Download Now! Get mod_psldap at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

IPTables-Country-Block is a SysV / systemd init script to download country ipblock assignments and create and apply an optimized firewall configuration using iptables to block incoming and outbound traffic by configured country on a Linux system.

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