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mod_psldap 0.91 Released

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This release includes major performance improvement in transformation and finally allows for XSLT to be performed in the server. These changes were extended to allow the ability to add, edit, and delete records from handheld user agents in addition to providing single record download capabilities as specified file types (vCard now supported for download with a text/x-vcard MIME type)

  • Fixes to eliminate infinite loop in the vertical wrap to ensure IE displays the card view correctly and does not hang. This is related to a change in XSL based rendering in IE, requiring deferal of the wrap function call through a timeout.
  • Introduce session persistence to the LDAP store to offer an alternative to passing credentials in the cookie, replacing content instead with a session id. An additional alternative is also introduced to embed the session id in the URL
  • Introduced server side XSL transformation – integrated into vcard display for the contact records and in general response handling for blackberry user agents.
  • Fixed issue with poor handling of ‘&’ in dn for URL reference to jpegPhoto which was causing some transformations to fail due to incorrect XML parsing
  • Completed the change to DSML response type for jpegPhoto inclusion in the stream to ensure requests from IE return a URL to the photo and not the binary stream while continuing to pass the encoded image to firefox / mozilla based browsers
  • Established uniform page head elements across all pages through introduction of XSL includes and imports
  • Introduced performance improvements by adding indexes in the XSL processing.
  • Introduced first page customizations for handheld user agents – initially only supporting blackberry – to include suppression of JS to wrap columns in the card style. UserAgent parameter added to all xsl templates via the new DSML_sitefrags.xsl inclusion. Telephone dialing, emailing, and SMS functional within handheld devices and tested on the blackberry.
  • Addition of xmlObjectTemplate parameter to ldapupdate handler and the Present action type to present XML documents directly from the server. Formerly, this was achieved by getting XML documents directly via HTTP get requests, but this did not accomodate agents – such as handheld or mobile phone browsers – that did not perform the transform via XSL.
  • Addition of the dlFilename parameter to ldap update handler to allow responses to be provided with an attachment disposition whose filename correlates to the value of the parameter.

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