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PRPC – Adhering to NewWork Naming

Breaking best practices established by an ISV for the integration of their product into an enterprise architecture can increase integration costs significantly. A simple break in naming conventions can introduce days of additional effort for the initial integration and may increase risks of breaking core functionality on subsequent product upgrades. I’ve just spent an hour […]

PegaWorld 2013 Live Blog

8 June – Day 0 I’ve arrived in not so sunny Orlando for my 8th PegaWorld – this one is back at Rosen Shingle Creek hotel – and am beginning my first live blog of PegaWorld. The event is a “must attend” for anyone who works in the BPM space leveraging Pegasystems BPM Suite. The […]

Mitigating Increased Operational Risks Of BPM

Successful management of business initiatives demands far more discipline, rigour, and awareness now than it has at any other point in the recent past. The adoption of model driven platforms provided by many BPMS vendors has recently accelerated the pace of innovation enabling the rapid evolution of existing capabilities and services and increasing the pace […]

PRPC Developer Workstation Configuration

Many of the BPM platforms require some third party applications to leverage the full capability of the platform. These applications might include flowchart tools, code editors, debuggers, spreadsheet and document editors, etc… . In general, development teams can significantly improve their productivity and reduce the number of release cycles by leveraging these tools to gain […]

BPM Centers of Excellence

Most people considering BPM based solutions will at some point consider a Center of Excellence – or CoE – as part of that strategy. While most tend to agree that CoEs establish some form of governance model and leverage past experience to improve future performance, the discussions around how this is done tend to diverge […]

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