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Pegasystems Decision Management Solution

Today I was able to get hands on with Pegasystems Decision Strategy and Next Best Action Advisor capabilities as integrated from their Chordiant acquisition and I have to admit the offering looks pretty solid. The capabilities are integrated into workflow and are able to access rules readily in the core environment providing for significant leverage […]

Establishing an SMB Web Presence with Amazon Web Services

Most domain providers now provide hosting capabilities for your company website and email so you can get your business presence established on-line in a matter of minutes. After establishing a presence through these channels, many SMB owners will then go on with their business satisfied that they have an on-line presence with an always-on email […]

Mitigating Increased Operational Risks Of BPM

Successful management of business initiatives demands far more discipline, rigour, and awareness now than it has at any other point in the recent past. The adoption of model driven platforms provided by many BPMS vendors has recently accelerated the pace of innovation enabling the rapid evolution of existing capabilities and services and increasing the pace […]

PRPC Developer Workstation Configuration

Many of the BPM platforms require some third party applications to leverage the full capability of the platform. These applications might include flowchart tools, code editors, debuggers, spreadsheet and document editors, etc… . In general, development teams can significantly improve their productivity and reduce the number of release cycles by leveraging these tools to gain […]

The PRPCbunutuSpin – No More Install Manuals

A few years ago, I needed to get a demo environment of PRPC configured for a sales call. At the time, my delivery team was fully engaged, so I decided to run through the deployment myself. It took two days to get the configuration right, and that only happened after I dropped SQL Server in […]

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